Makedo Creations

Do you know about Makedo?  It’s an awesome and incredibly useful Aussie invention – a system of connectors, hinges and safety saw, designed to use for making stuff out of boxes, and other bits and pieces that would otherwise go into the recycling or garbage bin.  Makedo is just perfect for encouraging creative play with kids, both in the construction process and after the creation is complete.  It is way better than sticky-tape and glue…it is sturdier and more durable plus it can be used over and over again.  It is also completely recyclable and comes in minimal packaging consisting of recycled cardboard.

My husband and daughter are Makedo champions.  It all started with a little car and since then they’ve transformed waste into two helicopters, a robot, kangaroo, several more cars, a super rocket, fruit and vegie stand, castle, giraffe, and most recently a saloon.  Basically Miss L puts in a request for what she wants to build, and Daddy helps to bring her imagination to life.  I love standing back as an observer, watching the process of father and daughter creating, problem-solving and simply playing together.  All the while Miss L is learning some invaluable life skills, gaining confidence and self esteem, and spending some precious time with Daddy.

I’ll be using this page to add pics of Makedo projects as they’re created!



Helicopter complete with door and windows.

Racing car

Racing car

Racing car

Racing car with a spot for toys.  The Makedo connectors are the blue dots seen in these pics.

Inside rocket

Makedo rocket

Supercool rocket – inside and out.  Note the computerised control system inside and toys in space suits (all my daughter’s idea)!  The connectors can be seen on the inside view of the rocket.  The long thin part seen in the photo extends out from the circular piece that is on the other side of the cardboard (through a hole made with the special punch that’s included in the kit), and it’s held in place with the circular fastener.  Sound confusing?  Take a look at the Makedo website.

Castle with tower and drawbridge

Castle drawbridge

Castle tower with internal access door

Black box with padlock for Lucy Locket game

This castle was made for Miss L’s fourth birthday party.  Inside was set up as a colouring-in area (with cardboard box table and seats, castle colouring-in pages plus pencils) – the kids were also encouraged to draw on the castle walls.  Note completely functional drawbridge and tower with internal access door (yes, this was the spaceship…Miss L is such a keen upcycler that she’s always wanting to re-upcycle her Makedo creations)!  The little black box with the padlock attached was part of a game we called ‘Lucy Locket’ – my husband hid a big bunch of keys around the yard and only one of these opened the padlock to the box, which was full of treats; the child who found the key that unlocked the padlock won a prize, and everyone shared the treats.

Suitcase with extendable handle


Suitcase complete with extendable handle and wheels.

Chopper number 2

Chopper number 2

Miss Kangaroo

Miss Kangaroo

Fruit and vegie stand

Fruit and vegie stand

Easter Bunny costume

Easter Bunny costume from behind

The Easter Bunny costume.  Front and back.  

Daddy's dog

Miss L's dog

Two dogs.  Miss L made the bottom one by herself.

Baby giraffe

Baby giraffe: drawing on the mane

Baby giraffe: finishing touches

Baby giraffe with moveable tail, ears and tongue.  She can be fed…food goes into her mouth and down the neck!  (It can be retrieved through a hole in the box at the bottom of the neck.) 

The Saloon

Bar at The Saloon - saddled horses tied to the rails

The Saloon – with swinging doors, bar and rail for horses



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