An Australian first – Free soft plastic recycling at Coles!

I just wanted to share this fabulous news:

An Australian first – Free soft plastic recycling at Coles – RNY News.

This kind of thing gets me very excited!

I hate plastic…that it is produced from petrochemicals…that it doesn’t biodegrade completely in a reasonable time…that it is responsible for the deaths of millions of unsuspecting animals in the ocean and on land.   I would rather we didn’t have plastic in the first place, but in the world I know, it is hard to avoid.  If we have options for recycling plastic, it helps keep it out of our oceans and wilderness areas, and reduces the need to produce more from scratch.

Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

Well done to the companies involved in this initiative!  If you read the link you will notice the drop-off service is currently only available at selected Coles supermarkets, however, the recycling company (Replas) is also accepting soft plastics in the mail.  I’m thinking plastic bags are very light and very squashable, so you could fit lots and lots in a post bag to send to Coolaroo, Victoria.

Trader Joes overpackaged food

Food in plastic!  Note, it’s the bag-type plastic we’re talking here; the plastic containers are mostly already recyclable.

Tomorrow I shall choose a suitably sized parcel bag from my stash of used ones, address it so it’s ready to pop in the post, and start filling it with plastics that I would otherwise be forced to throw in the bin (and feel very uncomfortable doing so).    Although I will still endeavour to minimise my purchases of plastic-clad food, I’ll feel much better knowing that this disposable packaging of mine will be transformed into non-disposable, long-lasting outdoor furniture and signage, for schools and community groups.


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