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Good Old Toys

I adore old-fashioned toys. Just like other vintage and antique goodies they have character and charm that is so enticing. And I can’t help but contemplate the children who played with them in another era, before computer games and perhaps television existed. It is this history too, that draws me in. And of course, preloved toys are also green toys, so that’s another reason to smile.

One of the joys of shopping for these oldies is that I’m frequently delighted by my discoveries. I might come across toys I’ve never seen or heard of…or some that I recall from my own childhood or from old family photos. The excitement can’t possibly be matched with a visit to a modern toy super store (unless we’re talking about my daughter; the only time she entered one of these toy shops my husband and I couldn’t extract her without bribery…a tactic I normally avoid).

My son turned one recently so I was given the perfect excuse for some olden-day toy shopping (via my not so olden computer). I bought these sweet wooden vintage table skittles from Little Flea Vintage, one of my favourite etsy stores.  They look gorgeous with their bright colours, sitting up on my son’s chest of drawers. I think so anyway.


Whether or not Master J agrees I don’t know, but he loves to play with his new…ahem…old toy. Which so far involves banging two skittles together (they double as claves), banging a skittle on another object or banging me with a skittle. But that’s OK.  I suspect these skittles have been subjected to this kind of treatment before.  They are toys that have stood the tests of time and juvenile destruction, so I’m sure they’ll be alright.

Some day soon my son will be lining the said skittles up and knocking them down with the ball (which is too small to safely offer him at present). And if Master J has inherited the ‘lover of old things’ gene, he will treasure this gift for years to come, until passing it on to its next little owner.

P.S. My mum bought Master J the cute crocheted horse by Anne-Claire Petit from a fabulous shop called Vintage Stash.


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